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Monday, July 16, 2007

Trojan what?

So, I had one of those how-now moments the other day. It was of those that just came into my head and made me kind of chuckle.

Ok, so everyone knows the story of the Trogan horse where the Greeks decided to build a large wooden horse, roll it up outside the gates of the city of Troy, jump inside and wait for the Trojans to wheel the horse in the gates so that they can jump out and pillage the citizens of Troy at night.

Basically, the store of the Trojan horse is basically a story of how people use deception to be able to rape and pillage people, literally and figuratively.
What struck me is the fact that a very popular brand of condoms go by the name Trojan. I find this actually very fitting. Condoms are a way that one is deceptive in sexual relations. Sexual relations are and should be an expression of love for and toward the other person. When one uses a condom the expression becomes "I accept (or give) all of myself but this particular thing that is designed into my very Being."

The act becomes less about donation of self and more about the pleasure of the participants. They change the way God designed it to work. They are deceptive in order to conquer the other for their own personal pleasure, there is not a complete acceptance of the other as God made them.

Under the Mercy,

Matthew S

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