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Monday, July 23, 2007

If saying the Holy Mass was ever a video game....

I think we have already seen the effects of this one...

"It's not how you pray,
its how you MOVE
to the GROOVE
EXPRESS the love you feel,
let it SWAY
through your body,
and dance all through
the Liturgy of the
WORD, to your mother!!!"

Complete your training with an expansion pack, "Guitar Liturgist." After hours of playing this game you will be able to freestyle dance in front of the altar playing the greatest praise songs including the perpetual favorite, Kumbya.

Thanks to Pope Benedict XVI we ARE going to be seeing the effects of this one. . . and I am pretty sure it will never be made into a game.

"There is no contradiction between the two editions of the Roman Missal. In the history of the liturgy there is growth and progress, but no rupture. What earlier generations held as sacred, remains sacred and great for us too, and it cannot be all of a sudden entirely forbidden or even considered harmful. It behooves all of us to preserve the riches which have developed in the Church’s faith and prayer, and to give them their proper place."
--Pope Benedict XVI, Summorum Pontificum

Under the Mercy,
Matthew S


KaleJ said...

Rated 'E' for EEGAD!

Amy Caroline said...

LOL! Great!

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