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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Aid Marriage by Heeding Nature, Says Pope [2007-07-25] and Commentary On Pope B XVI

With the recent release of the Motu Proprio and the CDF statement I have heard mentions that the real Ratzinger is back. Some of these comments are spoken favorably and some are unfavorable. I think these comments miss the whole point of who Pope Benedict XVI truly is as a person.

In his prior duties as the head of the CDF the only thing we saw of him was him fulfilling his role as "the Papal Rottweiler." Now that he is Pope he has not changed but his role has. He is more freely able to express not only his theologcal considersations but he is also expressing his pastoral side. That is what I think was the best part of Summorum Pontificorum, the pastoral side. The article linked to and quoted from below I think is an example of the Pastor and the Theologian. It also shows the influence of his predecessor on him.

Under the Mercy,

Matthew S

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Calls for a Return to Creator's Design

Some Quotes that I find to be powerful from Pope BXVI on this are included here:

"Nature invites us, in fact, to marriage for life, a lifetime of faithfulness, along with the suffering of growing together in love."

"But preparation is not enough, the big problems come after that," he said. And he highlighted the importance of accompanying couples, "at least in the first 10 years" of marriage.

"To help couples truly prepare for marriage, not only as the Church intends it, but as the Creator intends it, we must recoup the ability to listen to nature, to rediscover what lies behind what everyone else does, and what nature itself tells us, which speaks in a way much different than this modern way. "

"This model of 'what everyone else does' becomes a model in contrast to that dictated by nature."

Things you can do from here:


Shimmy said...

"There is no pope" (Gertrude Stein).

Matthew S said...

Ok, as I am a philosophy major, I am not going to ignore this post, nor am I going to delete it.

1) you are writing a statement and attributing it to a person with no citation to time, place or work involved.

2)Do you have a point? I could just as simply say, in fact I did, that I recognize Josef Cardinal Ratzinger as the current Pope under the name of Benedict XVI. I was writing about something he said and his personality. Does your statement (currently aggregious in nature) have any bearing on my discussion of the person or do you have another point to make? If you have another point to make that is not related to my webpost I implore you to write a blog of your own on it, notify me by email (kc0lex -at- and I will publicly link to it and respond to it on my blog if you will provide a link to my response.

WIth that, i will not delete posts that are just off the wall or contradictory to what I believe unless they are vulgar in nature. I would appreciate it if you would at least have something to say and say it 1/2-way logically.

Under the Mercy

Matthew S

Shimmy said...

Thanks for your reply, Matthew!

1. It's from her Tender Buttons.

2. The blog of my own can be linked from my beatific feline visage on this comment.

Yours, hypnagogically,

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