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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Totus Tuus

This week my parish is hosting Totus Tuus. Basically, it is Vacation Bible School that is hooked up and faithful to the Magesterium of the Church. It was started 20 years ago by someone in our Diocese who is now a priest. In fact, this year we will ordain our 23rd Priest here in Wichita that lists Totus Tuus as a significant influence on his vocation.

My oldest daughter is attending this week long affair for the second time this year (she is going into the 3rd grade). This year they are learning about the sorrowful mysteries. It is a great opportunity, daily Mass, confession and lots of Fun activities but very joyful and faithful. The best thing about it is that its not watered down and the kids love it. I will write more about some of the activities and some of my past experiences later, check out the website above and see if your diocese has this program or talk to someone about bringing it to your diocese.

Under the Mercy,

Matthew S

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The Perseverance Podcast said...

Hey Matthew S.,

Thank you for the comment. I have added you to the top of my blog list this week and I checked out your blog and I want to say good work! I've been busy being a Dad myself. My wife Shanon and I have a 5 month old beautiful girl. Even thought our show is geared more toward teens and young adults, Episode 04 (which we just recorded last night and will probably be posted next week) we talk about choosing god-parents and is a get to know us show. Some of the listeners wanted to know more about us so that is what we did and will continue to do.

Thanks for listening,

Josh from Ohio