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Monday, July 23, 2007

Being my Children's Curriculum

"You are the curriculum."

This phrase is something that I cringe at hearing because it means that I am not doing what I am supposed to be doing. I suppose I should explain what I am talking about for everyone reading this who is not my wife and is just now jumping into the conversation.

Our household is a Catholic Home schooling household. I have four beautiful daughters from eight months to eight years old that don't go away for school but instead it is part of their day here at the house. Every year we have debated over, researched and lost hair over trying to decide what exact curriculum and curriculum style to use.

We have lots of different ways to teach your children at home and they all have different personalities, strengths and weaknesses. They also have unique products that have to be purchased, different levels of time commitment and wildly varied price tags.

This has really caused us to step back and reevaluate what our priorities in home schooling are. Our prestige is not at stake, a cute notebook isn't important, approval of others doesn't make it, nor does smooth quiet idealistic days that are carefree and have no problems the point.

What we are trying to accomplish is the formation of an eternal soul, a gift from God that is given to my temporary care. I am responsible for raising this child to know, love and serve the Lord. My goal is to be greeted at the gates of heaven with the words, "Job well done my true and faithful servant." It is also my job that my children be greeted similarly.

I want to spend eternity in heaven and my children learn that love for the Lord not from coloring pages or singing Kumbaya but from seeing me. I am the curriculum and though I fail, I will ask forgiveness and continue to run the race before me. That is the most important lesson they learn, perseverance unto the end in abiding in the Lord.

Under the Mercy,

Matthew S.


+JMJ+ said...

Hi Matthew,

I found your blog today and love it! Each entry is wonderful. I love what you've written here about curriculum...I'll be sharing the idea with my friends. What curriculum do you use for your children?


Anonymous said...

Great blog. I am a homeschooled student since 3rd grade using Seton, a solidly Catholic curriculum. I would reccomend Seton.