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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Round up for Thursday

It's Thursday and we have to see some of the interesting things I have found on the web.

The first stop is going to be a look at someone who is homesexual, or actually according to them they were homosexual. His name is Michael Glatze and he is a former up and coming activist. I found the story here. Update!! found a link to the story here at WorldNetDaily.

Second stop in the world of the web takes us to a very simple but very pretty blog, Rorate Caeli and a very stark post that may oversimplify the situation but I can appreciate the contrast. THe lacking part is something that I have found here in Wichita, Ks and our diocese is that I have seen the Novus Ordo performed in such a way that is very moving, in the traiditional perspective, not to say that I don't enjoy the indult Mass and its beauty that is very unique. I also love the picture of Chaplain Kapaun from our diocese (his cause has been opened) saying Mass in Korea on the hood of a Jeep. The mass overall is awesome and I believe the important part is retention of the sense of mystery.

Now to a very entertainin and enlightening set of blogs from Catholic-Dads: The first is Bruggie Tales, a mate from Ausralia that came to the US and apparently did the only sensible thing, went back to Australia !?! Another intestersting fact about the blog author is that he his a homeschooling 4real dad. Woohoooo, I am not alone!! :-) Second stop from Catholic Dads is Real Life Rosary by James Hahn. He is a great author, well written and a funny guy. Oh, and he is a fellow WCSS sufferer.

Now for a little bit of internal news from around the house. Yesterday was the 4th of July, and it almost went out with a huge bang. I started out the day working on chores and a few other odds and ends. Then after lunch I took the oldest three (8,5 and 3)with some of their fun money that they earned to the fireworks stand, of course my 5 yo spent the most and only got two things. My oldest spent the next most and got four things. Now the youngest I worked with and she got the most with the least money. It was a great lesson in the value of money and budgeting for them.

I went off to work (I am a second shifter), the kids stayed home until Grandma and Grandpa could come over and help them shoot of the fireworks, of course severe storms moved into the area and it ended up raining but that just slowed down the fireworks a little, people were still shooting them off at 11 pm when I got home.

Last note from the home, you may be seeing the CatholicZoo starting to show up here. If you don't know the CatholicZoo, that is my wife, errr, I should say, she is the zookeeper at the CatholicZoo, also known as life. I have told her she will be allowed to guest blog instead of having to worry about keeping up her own blog.

Have a good couple of days while I finishe my training at work.

Under the Mercy,

Matthew S

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