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Monday, March 31, 2008

Triple Threat (3 of me, no photoshop)

Triple Threat
Originally uploaded by kc0lex (Matthew)
On the left is the me that goes to work. In the middle is the me that does all the chores around the house and on the right is the me that rolls around and does the fun stuff with the family. Now, if I could just get them split apart and all working at the same time.

Well, I guess that isn't going to happen so I will have to be satisified with continuing to do the best I can all by myself without clones.

If you are wondering, this picture was taken with light painting. The long and the short of that is taking a picture in a dark place, long exposure, and a flashlight. You can move the object being taken, the camera, both or just the light source. You can write words in the air, highlight part of the photo or replicate part of the photo.

Under the Mercy,
Matthew S

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