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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Dawn's crack dealer had a sale. . .

. . . and she got all of this for just 8 dollars, a mere $0.20 a book. My wife isn't addicted to drugs, she is addicted to books. I am proud of her, she went through and got all the books she was interested in and thinned it down until she had just 40. The really scary part is that she spent three hours going through just the kids books, she never made it to the adult books that were on sale. The bonus was that it was for a good cause, benefiting our children and the proceeds from the sale go to help our local library system.

The one book that I am really excited she got is Maria by Maria Von Trapp. It is the autobiography and the real story of The Sound of Music. I am looking forward to reading it if I can PRY it out of Dawn's hands.

Speaking of that, I think she used one of Charlton Hesston's lines, "Not but from out of my cold dead hands!" Just kidding, but she does love her books.

And I love her.

Under the Mercy,

Matthew S

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