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Sunday, March 30, 2008

St. Raffle, pray for us!?!

My kids have found a new archangel, in fact it is their favorite archangel. This archangel is St. Raffle, and is invoked exclusively at parish functions such as fun night. Fun night, that night of mystery, excitement, junk food and candy. The most exciting thing though has to be raffle tickets. These are small holy cards that are received after making a donations to the Church as a remembrance of your generosity in helping Church fundraiser.

The interesting thing is that as a sign of devotion you can go around to various displays around the community room and insert your St. Raffle holy card into a box and at the end of the night one card will be drawn. If your St. Raffle holy card is drawn, you are the winner of whatever is in the display.

My 3 oldest children went to fun night with Grandma and Grandpa and placed their St. Raffle holy cards in front of the slumber party fun altar, I mean table. This has to be every little girl's dream contained on this table: 2 pink sleeping bags, 2 pedicure kits, bag of makeup, box of makeup (with bath products and gel), 4 DVD's, Microwave popcorn, Jenga (GirlTalk edition), 4 piece purple luggage set (this is actually a really nice set), 2 purple fluffy pillows, memory board, candy, "Not Now" door hanger, Pink Cold Beverage Tub (I bet I will never be able to see if I can fit two cases of fine imported beer in that), a twelve pack of generic grape soda, Pink Embellished Bed Canopy, Purple Fuzzy MP3 speaker cube, and coupons for 12 personal cheese pizzas. I think that is all that was on this table of dreams. Of course my three daughters' cards ended up in this box not at the table with the John Deere collectibles, Hunting/Fishing Supplies, or the coveted Imported Beer collection.

Ok, so every little girl that was at the place did the same thing, I had only 3 chances in what must have been a metric ton of St. Raffle Holy Cards of having to deal with all of this stuff. I wasn't worried in the least. I was already having to deal with St. Raphael, setting up a small tank for the feeder goldfish my 2nd oldest had already won and lovingly named Teresa Avila. I was safe.

Then the call came. They won, I now have all of this stuff sitting in my house. I was just reading from the blog, June Cleaver after a Six Pack, because it plays great music while you listen and is fairly funny and right next to me is a purple speaker with Jessie's Girl by Rick Springfield coming out of it. Some people spend money at Fun Night and just come home with a cake from the cake walk. I will have a reminder for years to come of the fun my children had with grandma and grandpa while my wife and I went out to eat.

St. Raffle, pity me!

Under the Mercy,

Matthew S


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