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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Only the state is good enough

Basically, that is what California is saying here when they basically limit schooling to state certified professionals. It is really disturbing to me that the State of California thinks that it is to be normative for the state to determine what children learn. The parents of a child are the ones that have that right naturally. We have a term for states that take control of private thought and natural rights away from people, they are called facists. Well, either that or just people who think it takes "The Village" to raise your kids, instead of taking a whole community.

I am just glad that Governor Schwarzenegger understands that this is a huge violation of the natural order and is standing up and fighting the good fight. God bless checks and balances.

I have been thinking alot about schooling versus homeschooling. If you think about it when we send kids off to school we basically take our kids out of the every day reality of the world and create an artificial reality filled with people that aren't mature enough to function in the real world. This is a potential recipe for danger. I like the fact that my kids are part of the community and have more interaction with adults than students in an institutional school setting.

I also like the fact that someone else doesn't control what they learn and know.

Under the Mercy,
Matthew S

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