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Monday, October 22, 2007

Catholic Carnival #142 (my 100th blog post here)

Welcome to the October 23, 2007 edition of Catholic Carnival.

Let us start with a picture:

K T Cat presents YAPS posted at The Scratching Post, saying, "It's not theological and it's not social, it's just a wonderful, beautiful gift from God." I just hope I can get this good with my camera. Still learning what all those settings do on my camera. I know KT Cat has to be looking forward to this edition of the Carnival because it means she is down to just days until her turn to host next week. I have all the information at the bottom of how to submit your article for next week and don't forget to link to this edition so that we get lots of interest in the Blog Carnival.


RobK presents Faith in Rudy? No! posted at Kyrie Eleison, saying, "Discussion of staying true to our values in picking a presidential candidate, particularly in the current discussion about Rudy Giuliani." Some country songs say you shouldn't talk about "Politics, Religion and Her." I agree with Rob and see no need to stay away from "politics" when it affects our faith, "Religion" is a no-brainer (this is the CATHOLIC Carnival) and "her" is always ok as long as its the Blessed mother.

Speaking of Children, you can't have Children without parents and Denise at Catholic Matriarch in my Domestic Church aka Catholic Mom gives us some insight into the role of a parent and the role of society in her post I am Not the Enemy. Now I think I understand why someone wrote the book, "It Takes a Village". I should stop now or we will end up with a full blog interlude here in the middle of the carnival.

Seth sent me his memories of The Night to Life in Oakland from his blog CatholicLand, hmmm, sounds like a good name for an amusement park.

Now here is someone that I can respect and actually have probably bumped into at the Midwest Catholic Family Conference, Jean from Catholic Fire brings forth a series of quotes that should help strengthen your understanding and provide you a little bit of moral support with a set of Contraception Quotes by some prominent saints and saints-to-be.


Ian presents If A Three Year Old Can Sing Chant, What?s Your Choir?s Excuse Again? posted at A Call For Volunteers - Review Your Religious Education Material!. A short video and all I can say is, "From the Mouth of Babes."


Okay, everyone get your thinking caps on and head over to help Therese at the Aussie Coffee Shop and give her some quality feedback on socialization and homeschool. I may have to go with a full out blog post instead of a comment but lets just say I would rather my kids learn from me right and wrong than from the kid doing drugs in the neighborhood park.

Maybe we should start this section with expectation and a beautiful poem from Courtney at her blog Peace! Be Still! and Poem about a Kick experienced from the Mom's point of view. As a dad I only feel them in my kidney or on my hand and they always come from without. I am jealous of that feeling of the kick from the inside.

Now we come to share some wonderful news from a previous host of the Carnival, Sarah has had her baby, I will let her share all the details in her blog post that is wise beyond its longest days and shortest years in just another day of Catholic Pondering.

Speaking of birth, that can only mean baptism is around the corner and Melissa, at a Third Way, gives us a story about her son's baptism and special gifts to and from our Lady to this new mother. This story definitely brought a smile to my face as it reminded me of each of my four daughter's baptisms. Oh, and I love the Bible quote you use on your blog, one of my wife's favorites too.

Now that we are talking about kids, nothing is more fun than going to the theater with the kids. I would however reccomend skipping The Golden Compass (link to my post on the subject) and Jay at Living Catholicism has some excellent alternative movies.

Before I forget I should take everone past my wife's blog, Turning Water into Wine: Vino Per Tutto and two of her recent posts that have become favorites of mine. The first is simple: Your mission if you should choose to accept it, pull off a nature walk in the morning with 4 kids (8, 5, 3, 11 mo.) while your husband works second shift thus throwing your whole scedule off. My wife prepares with a positive frame of mind in her Before Nature Walk Routine and yes it was successful. Secondly, for all you moms and dads that are feeling a little (or a lot) overwhelmed, read bit by bit for some uplifting inspiration.

Well, if you have parents then we should pay a visit to The Heart, Mind and Strength weblog to find some inspiration for our marriages and our prayer life and Kevin gives us this reflection on Faith, Prayer and Scripture that I really should look over again a few more times when the day is quieter, okay, who am I kidding I should wait until the still of the night when the four kids are sleeping restfully because when they are awake and I am home I should play with them.

Okay, time for a musical break and that means a visit to Bryan Murdaugh for his short reflection and song All in the Family.


Joe brings us a little bit of Lectio Divina in his blog post Not a Chump, from his blog Ho Kai Paulos (you need to explain what that means). We have to stand up for what is right, this is one of my favorite Bible verses as a man.

Now for a little bit of Apologetics and basic Logic/Philosophy!!! Come on, just because I said the P word doesn't mean its boring!!! Nicholas Hardesty brings a simple syllogism (a verbal equation) on his blog PhatCatholic Apologetics to show one form of a defense of prayer to saints. Go over and comment now, the combox may get active on this one.

Now from the Catholic Spitfire Grill we have another well written piece of Apologetics, this time on the charge from protestants that always shocks me when they claim we worship x, y, or z; instead of Jesus.


Heidi, being slightly overactive has brought two posts, one from each of her main blogs (you have time for more than one of these?????) to the table. From Mommy Monsters we have another reflection on the past Sunday's readings. Then we roll off to Streams of Mercy and find her reflections on her mission trip to Africa, hats off to you!

At Deo Omnis Gloria we can find an interesting perspective on the bonfire of John Paul the Second and how as Catholics we seem to be more readily able to see the miraculous.

Barb Szyszkiewicz presents Poverty and Christianity posted at SFO Mom, saying, "Reflections on the meaning of "poor" versus "poor in spirit," from a Franciscan perspective." A beautiful and simple post and I don't mean to offend but it sounds like your husband may have a little Carmelite influence, he appears to have a simple thirst for a simple way to help souls, much like "The Little Flower."

Jim, at Bethune Catholic brings us a wonderful post on the Immutability of God based on Aquinas' The Ways of God. Make sure your printer has paper and sit back for a reflective read.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of
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Wow, this was lots of work, enlightening and fun. Thanks for reading and thanks for sending in your entries.

Under the Mercy,

Matthew S

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Therese said...

Wow. Grat links here Matthew. Thanks for putting it together.

K T Cat said...

Thanks for the link and great job with the carnival!

phatcatholic said...

Thanks bro!

Anonymous said...

An excellent job on the blog; thank you for the kind words! Its one of my favorite verses as well, if also one of the toughest to adhere to.

And to answer your question:

Sarah said...

Great hosting, Matthew! And WHAT a collection of links this week! Phew, I'm going to be googly-eyed by the time I get through them all... :)

uncle jim said...

i did really enjoy going over to denise hunner's site with "i'm not the enemy - i'm the parent"

a lot of stuff here this carnival