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Monday, October 29, 2007

The better portion?

Something that comes up from time to time in our life is if what we are doing is really important? Does it really make a difference that we: nfpecologicalbreastfeedgeneroustonewlifesleepinginafamilybedhomeschoolourkidsononeincomeprotectingtheirinnocence ? Yes, at times it feels like a mouthful at times and it means sacrifice. We feel that at times we have to forgo social invitations and having some of the nicer things in life for the sake of our children and at times we wonder if its really the better portion.

We have good Catholic schools, would they really be worse off? Would it hurt if my wife worked and we had a little more income and nicer things?

I keep coming back to one thing, do I seek my reward now or later? Would it be so bad to have some of my reward now? I am working hard and I need to be strong to keep working so something nice around would be helpful to keep me feeling refreshed.

I have come to a conclusion, its hard to feel it because at times God feels far away when raising a child never seems to end. The Snoring Scholar said it well with her post after the birth of her last child saying, "these are the longest days and the shortest years." My conclusion is simple if we look at our reward as food.

As I do my work as a parent God is cooking me food. In society we want things done well and done now, thus we have created FAST FOOD. If I want my reward now, that is what I can have, Two Cheeseburgers, some fries and a Coke. However, God is cooking a feast, a banquet for us, he cannot give us that food now, it is not ready for us to eat, it would make us sick until it is prepared. So at times we settle for FAST FOOD. I think I would rather wait for the banquet in Heaven.

So, is it worthwhile? When I am not so shortsighted, focused on myself and looking for gratification the answer is very clear. When I am with my children and my wife, then answer is very clear.


More on the busy week past later.

Under the Mercy,
Matthew S


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