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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

40 reasons to have a child

Okay, so I highlighted posts by Karen and Sarah in response to the 40 reasons not to have kids. Well, I figure we should have 40 reasons to have another child from a dad's perspective

1. I don't know why they say grown men don't cry.
2. Children are much more fun much longer than any new cell phone or Ipod.
3. Put that geekiness to use, have a daughter and teach her how to use that GPS so you can GeoCache together.
4. A small voice in the middle of the night, "Daddy, I'm scared."
5. You always remember the first time that 1 month old fall asleep on your chest.
6. Have you ever seen a smile that will break your heart? You Will.
7. A kiss is a terrible thing to waste.
8. When you are carrying a baby, you always have an excuse out of any awkward social setting.
9. Candy Land; Chutes and Ladders, need I say more?
10. Someone to mow the lawn with you.
11. 7 minutes old, they will try to get your glasses but already have your heart.
12. Late night television is much better while holding an almost asleep infant.
13. You change their diapers today; you will have someone to change yours in twenty-forty years.
14. No better gift than someone to stand by them than a sibling for your kids.
15. The first time you see your newborn child is thirty times more intense than your first love.
16. The pitter patter of your child’s steps when you come home from work will brighten your day.
17. Really tight and snug bear hugs.
18. Someone that wants to hear all those exciting stories of your childhood over and over again.
19. Learning to love was never this much fun before.
20. Nothing quite like having someone that truly believes you can pull a quarter out of their ear.
21. The enjoyment of having someone steal your nose.
22. The ability to kiss a bobo and make it all better.
23. Because you love their smile when they beat you in a race or any game for that matter.
24. The feeling of them clinging to you the first time a pet or someone they love dies.
25. From the mouth of babes come truths that are beyond their years.
26. Milk and Oreo tea parties.
27. Licking the bowl while the cookies are in the oven is more fun when its shared.
28. They are cuter covered in mud than your dog is covered in mud.
29. Better than a cat, plus no litter box.
30. Immortal soul = Eternal relationship.
31. Become closer to God, create something with him.
32. The only thing more beautiful than your pregnant wife is when she is holding your new child for the first time.
33. You like pickles and when your wife is pregnant you will have a good excuse to go get some in the middle of the night.
34. Teaching a child to mow is a very rewarding experience.
35. Playing patty-cake with an 11-month old never gets old.
36. Perfect reason to pop popcorn and watch a favorite classic childhood movie.
37. Children know you are invincible and you have the privilege of wrestling the monsters out of their room.
38. Butterfly kisses.
39. The perfect reason to get out some coloring books, crayons and have fun.
40. The realization that fulfillment in life is found in living it for someone else is priceless, so is the value of your child’s immortal soul.


In an effort to increase the visibility of the positive, I am trying to add links here to other posts higlighting this, just to increase authorities and popularities on blog search sights if we all do this it will help.


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Abigail said...

Wonderful List Dad! Isn't fatherhood special?

Sarah said...

*tears* I am going to have to print this out for my hubby. This is my favorite list so far!

Dawnie said...

I love this, Matt!

Are you trying to tell me something??


Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle said...

Beautiful, thank you.

God bless,

Christine the Soccer Mom said...

I wrote up a list, too, and am asking for others who did the same to submit them so they can be cross-linked in one big post.

My list is here, and if you leave a link to new lists (this one is linked already), I'll add yours to the growing list at the bottom of the post.

Thanks for this great list. I forwarded it to my own husband. :)

Cmerie said...

Great list!! Being a parent is so rewarding.

Karen E. said...

Beautiful! I love it!

You all are beating me to the compilation posts, which I plan to do, too. Thank you!