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Monday, February 25, 2008

Another day gone. . .

. . .and still I won't get to hold Marjorie. I keep thinking that maybe I will wake up and this is all a bad dream but I know it is too real. The empty feeling in the pit of my heart says it all.

I thank everyone for their continued prayers and support as my family comes to terms with this loss. That is another thing I haven't really mentioned but weighs heavily on me. Watching my children go through the process of dealing with loss. They are so beautiful and innocent and I know this hurts them as well but at times they are so joyous. Just like when we told them the name of what we decided is their baby sister in heaven, Marjorie Guadalupe.

God bless.

Under a Severe Mercy,
Matthew S

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Elena said...

I know this is a fresh loss for you but I wanted to share what has been a blessing in my family with our children and the baby we lost, Raphael. When any of my six children come up and ask me who is my "favorite" they know my safe answer will be their little brother Raphael! They always enjoy that answer. After all, I never have to tell Raphael to pick up his clothes or do his chores!

Also yesterday our family pet died. That's a hard one to explain to kids because we don't believe pets have eternal souls like we do. But we were able to put Raphael on the case to intercede for an easy death for our dog and if he is able, maybe Raphael and Pepper can play together. That somehow made everyone feel better too.

God bless you during these last few weeks of Lent as you carry this little cross with you.