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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

This compass is pointing the wrong way! ! !

Ok, I have already laid out a blog post with links to resources about the first movie being released in the Pullman Trilogy, His Dark Materials. The Golden Compass is turning out to be more frightening than I had realized.

Part of the problem is that I had only seen the teaser trailer, the one that made me think they were announcing the impendening release of The Hobbitt. Instead it appears to be very anti-Catholic and anti-Christian if not just flat promoting atheism and hedonism. Here is another good summary of just what is wrong on the American Papist's blog.

Nicole Kidman is already having to defend her decision to participate in this movie stating that it is not anti-Catholic. The name of the villanous organization is The Magesterium, that just happens to be the name for the heiarchy of the Roman Catholic Church but it is in no way a slam against Catholicism. Uhhh, no, if you buy that then I have one questions for you: What if instead of calling it, The Magesterium, we called it The Sanhedrien? Would you and the rest of society feel the same way?

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