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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Sacrifice:Gain or Gift?

H/T: Catholic Fire

I was talking to my wife today about sacrifice and why we do . Do we do it for some type of gain, like work so we can earn money for food for our family? We have a certain expectation in that situation, a contract with our employer. What about sacrifice for our family?

One of the pitfalls that we can run into is seeing ourself as a martyr, feeling that we are owed behaviors or other things based on what we have given. The problem is that martyrdom depends on someone coming and asking you to deny the faith and you refusing, not just you working yourself to the bone. No, sacrifice for our family must be gift, that can mean martyrdom, but we have a tall example.

This is a song that I have heard my wife sing before, I like her beautiful voice, but this is a wonderful video to go with it.

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