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Monday, August 13, 2007

Catholic parents face quandary over vaccine to prevent cervical cancer

Check out this Catholic Online Headline

Catholic parents face quandary over vaccine to prevent cervical cancer

I feel fortunate that I don't have to face for another five years or so. I hope they will find out anything that is bad that is caused by this vaccine so that I can make a more informed decision. Of course, can we really trust the same crowd that made the pill? When they were making the pill it started out for men. They stopped testing it because one man noticed testicular shrinkage and they restarted it on women. Well, a few women fell over dead and they just changed the dosage.

I know that this may sound like rambling but I think its my WCSS kicking in and wondering if its part of an agenda that someone is trying to do something to manipulate our children. I should recount my thought about cosmo the magazine.

The other night at work someone left an issue of cosmo out and it happened to talk about "The 75 positions" your man wants. They were all one line quotes from men about what turned them on, they were so self-centered it made me sick. It got me thinking though, if I were a guy cosmo is the perfect magazine, it is targeted at women and makes them think being a sex slave/slut is the only way to make their guy happy. If this magazine is run by a man its like someone that is tottally trying to manipulate our culture. Thank God I try to be a man and not a guy.

In other news I am working on focusing with dealing better with feelings of resentment as they come up, this is a parenting issue. Trying to relate better to my kids and not blow up at them. It is hard because that is how I was raised (or really what I remember of being punished) and I have lived that way for so long. I am reading the book I mentioned awhile back by Dr. Meg Meeker, Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters. It is a good read and changing the way I approach parenting as a father.

Under the Mercy,

Matthew S


JimmyV said...

Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters was an excellent book. If you could read my review when you were done, that would be awesome!

Amy Caroline said...

This One More campaign makes me ill!! I hate that they are scaring people about a comletely preventable form of cancer. If people really looked at what causes so many of these female cancers they would see that it has to do with having multile partners and having sex at a young age. The BEST way to prevent cervical cancer is to teach your children some morals, not shot them full of drugs and hand them a bag of condoms.