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Monday, June 11, 2007

RADICAL CATHOLIC MOM: Working Moms & The Church

RADICAL CATHOLIC MOM: Working Moms & The Church

This is an interesting discussion on NFP and women wanting to return back to or to the workplace. One thing that my wife and I are dealing wtih as homeschooling/nfp using/open to life types is the very same issue of my wife not having a career. We are using Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace to get us debt free and financially "independent" (in a better place to get our kids off on the right foot and give to God's Church). The other thing it will do is allow my wife to have more freedom if I would die. Even if I don't die first it will give my wife freedom, instead of worrying about her making a certain amount of money, later on I want her to be able to do something she enjoys, or several things she enjoys. SHe can sew, volunteer, midwife or whatever her hearts desire.

In today's world we are so busy and it is so important to have a parent home with the kids if you can, they are so vulnerable to society's snares. Just my two cents.

Under the Mercy,

Matthew S.


Anonymous said...

You are right that it is important to have one parent at home. I think the ? I have is when the kids are older and making my schedule around their's. The REAL ? is my assumption is that there will be a point where I won't be having any more babies (maybe this is the contraceptive culture affecting me). I guess I am wondering if the Church cares about women wanting to work and have a family. It seems like no because it is nearly impossible to continue having babies and working in our culture.

Anonymous said...

Oh, but thanks for linking to me and also thank you for your comment on finances.