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Monday, June 4, 2007

I will call this Scary and I will have nightmares about it

Crap!!! Honestly thats how I feel hearing about. One of these times we may have to draw a line in the sand, stand up and fight. You can mess with me all you want but my kids are sacred.

despite all the effort and rhetoric about protecting children and their rights, there is a severe shortcoming in the global campaign to protect children: the influence of religion and its continuing contribution to many forms of child abuse all around the world
Such abuse begins with the involuntary involvement of children in religious practices from the time they are born
This gives holy books and scriptures, as well as those who teach them, an early grip on the developing minds of young people, leaving an indelible impression on them. In many cases, most notably in the Catholic Church, this forced and prolonged exposure of children to religious institutions has also been a key factor in the physical, mental, and sexual abuse of children by religious leaders
This early grip is so strong that very few people, once grown, ever get an opportunity to change their minds, despite being exposed to science and rational thinking, or even other religious systems
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