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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Little More Faith, A Little Less Me?

2011-02-08 Tue 18:10

The past weekend has given me some extra time to
be reminded of some important truths of living
life. First, I must remember that my family has
to be an integral part of my everyday activity and
focus. A driving force in determining my
priorities in life. The determining factor is God
and my family is what I am called to be a steward
over, caring for my wife and children, ensuring
their well-being.

Another thing I have learned is that I have to
take time for myself, I have to make sure that I
am emotionally taking care of myself and
acknowledge my feelings, not control them. If I
am not functioning I can't do anything for my

I am trying to be more creative and write more.
To that end hopefully more things will start
appearing on my blogs and some of projects in my
main file will start to get filled out. Right
now my main focus, and for much of this week is
going to be editing my narrative essay due on the
14th of February. If anyone wants to read and
review it, let me know and I will send a copy your
way. After I turn it in I will be posting it up

I am writing some more on confession and other
things doing with truth and goodness. These are
things I am running across as I work in preparing
a group of students for their First Communion.
These students are very challenging for me as they
aren't traditional students. Hopefully they have
been studying across these snow days we have been
getting around lately.

I was reminded today of an important truth that
two people, both are now bishops, work to convey
in their being and way of life. Truth is not a
thing but a person. As a Christian that is
something important I need to remember.

Matthew S.

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