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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Different point of view

Today is a snow day for many people. No school or
work starting late. Not so for me, work goes on
as normal, marching forward at the pace it always
does. I'm not complaining, it's what I signed up
for and it's the job I am doing.

The snow though does provide for some interesting
visuals. Things look different with that "warm"
blanket on them. I headed out the door for a few
minutes at the beginning of my lunchtime with the
camera to just take a couple pictures. Things I
see hundreds of times a year, going past them
almost daily, look different today.

So, time to look at things from a different angle,
a different perspective. They are still the same
things but I learn a little more about them and
how the world interacts with them. I see a hidden
beauty that isn't present most of the year when
the snow isn't neatly piled up with ripples
from the wind trailing across the drifts.

All these unique patterns and shapes and solid
white colors. Smaller details become important.
It is important we don't lose sight of them as we
are faced with this larger overcast of white that
is seemingly all the same. Let us remember to not
waste those things that are unique in the time we
have with them. My wife reminded me of that one
and I love her for doing that.

Matthew S.

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