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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Light Painting and other things photo.

This is a really fun photography technique and requires no photoshop, the effect is made as the picture is taken. You can click on the pictures to be taken to a larger version of it if you are having a hard time viewing it.

How many of my ghostly heads do you see?
Haunted park?

I also appear to be really spooky. Don't you think?
Ghost of me

I can also write a word or two. I only have 15 seconds on my current camera.
The rest of the pictures that I took tonight can be found in this set on flickr. Most of the others are ambient/low-light photos of water fountains and reflections in water. These adventures and experiments in photography help me understand the mechanics of photography better and help me take better pictures of my kids. It is also a great creative outlet for me.
Under the Mercy,
Matthew S

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