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Friday, December 7, 2007

At times I forget how blessed I am . . .

My oldest daughter is really treasure to behold. She has taught me many things over the past nine years. She is really turning into a wonderful and beautiful young lady.


At times I forget and take for granted how much she loves me. Her love language is some type of combination of acts of service and quality time. One of the things she told me the other day is that she turns on the two lights in the garage when she know someone is going to be coming home. I being a second shifter have long noticed the "two lights" being on in the garage. The garage door opener light comes on when I hit the button in my car but the "two lights" are also on. I have noticed that these lights are on when I come home for several weeks now. They have to be turned on by a switch inside the house by someone. That someone is my oldest daughter.

Even though she is in bed asleep (usually) by the time I get to bed she takes the time to turn those lights on for me. I had assumed it was someone turning on or off the lights in the dining room and accidentally flipping that extra switch but all along it turns out it was my beautiful daughter who loves me dearly and I love her too!!! Daddy loves his precious daugthers. I can't put one before the other but each of them have their own way of showing it. I love you and thank you Mary!!

Under the Mercy,
Matthew S

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