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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Now that Raffi song is stuck in my head. . .

We are going to the zoo, zoo,
how about you, you
we're going to the zoo

I took the older three kids out for fun at the Sedgwick County Zoo before heading into work on Friday. For those that don't know about the zoo, it was founded in 1971 and is a very high end zoo. Very quality exhibits and is an exciting place to visit.

So, first we had to visit the newest exhibt, the Humboldt penguins:


Next, it was time to fly off. . .

. . . to the jungle.


Of, course we had to see what the Mexican wolf was up too. . .


And we will not forget the silly and adorable gorillas

These are the ones for kids to play with, unfortunately the real ones were being shy and all we could see was their backs.

Oh, wait, that is Lucia in the exhibit and not one of the silverbacks. . .
. . . and we made it to see Aslan, who was on a stone table.


We saw a sign that reminded me of my fellow bloggers from around the world:

. . . and I remembered that I am not necessarily on top of the world.

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