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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

I can almost hear Alvin and his brother's singing. . .

My dad said something to my brother the other day, "It's the last four months of the year, you remember what you aren't supposed to do?"

"Yes, Dad!"

"Just making sure you remembered that it was a bad time of year to buy anything for yourself."

As I get older I can see the wisdom of my college rector's idea that Advent was Advent and a time to prepare for Christmas and not a time to celebrate Christmas. The best way I have to explain it would be pointing out that we don't celebrate Thanksgiving all of November but we wait and have our celebration on one day. It is getting harder and harder to set our focus as a society on what is important, the world is more complicated every year and more commercial. This song reminds me of when I was a child, it was so much easier for things to be simple.

That is one of the advantages of homeschooling, not having a TV and my kids don't get caught up in the cultural/societal hype that can be so inncocently amplified by well-meaning people. I want them to have calm and quiet memories of Christmas, something that we celebrate when it comes and we prepare for before hand.

Under the Mercy,
Matthew S

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