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Monday, September 17, 2007

How many pounds of green beans is that?

I have been working alot lately with how I approach my children after coming to several conclusions about parenting. Those conclusions, to soon potentially be written in book format, are basically that being a bully, jerk or pain in the butt doesn't get you anywhere. Sooooo, I decided to work on relationship and do MORE with my kids, not just quality, but quantity. That is why I had the post about taking the kids to the Zoo, which I did on my own ( I only took the older 3 out of the 4), mowing the lawn and volunteer work.


Here is Mary at Church helping pass out the Angel Food Ministries food. This is a food cooperative, it isn't something you qualify for but you basically buy into and pay a little more than 1/3 of what it would cost at the grocery store. It comes once a month and its a preset menu. We were the 5th highest selling Church of 8 in our first month with 70 baskets sold. You only have two hours to come pick up the food and Mary Beth's responsibility was to pass out the bags of green beans as people went past.


If you look carefully you can see her about dead center in this picture, she is sitting down but she never skipped a beat, got all her work done and never complained.

God love and bless her.

Under the Mercy,
Mathew S

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