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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Wow, What a month it has been.....

I must say that May is an amazing and busy month for me. Its a month at work that begins with us getting busy. I have my mother's birthday along with 3 of my 4 dear daughter's birthdays. I also this May had my oldest daughter break her arm on the 2nd oldests birthday. Froze a water pump on my car which threw the alternator belt, the process of which sheared an old bolt off on the tensioner. I had to go testify in court in an aggravated assault. We had "Tap, Dance and Jazz classes". Yeah, it was busy but it was good.
Lucia had a fun birthday and she is showing her true colors as a girl as everything had to be pink. She didn't even like the Red/White/Blue swimsuit that Momma got her. Oh well, she wanted and got big girl panties, maybe she will start using the potty so she can wear them.
Anna is my little elf. I am so scared of her getting any older than she already is. She is so much a little girl but she has some tomboy in her, she loves her new camping outfit.

Of course she made it to her recital for her "Tap, Dance, and Jazz class. She loved it and had a blast and really showed her self off as a superstar.

Clara had a good time at the Dance recital hanging out on Mom's lap and posing for the camera (Mom was a bit more shy). Oh, little baby girl with blue eyes.

Clara had her 1/2 birthday this month and was offered mashed banana, it wasn't as big a hit as that "accidental" snagging of some choclate frosting.

Mary's birthday (the same day as the dance recital and Clara's 1/2 birthday) was a blast as well, she is turning into such a lovely young lady.

The girls had a great time at their combined birthday, I think everyone that came enjoyed Dawn's strawberry cake that she made.

Oh yeah, the flood of 07, not too bad but I wasn't able to drive myself to work, had to have a Squad come pick me up. May, what a month, all lion and very little lamb.

Under the Mercy,

Matthew S.

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