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Monday, May 14, 2007

Rudy oh Rudy why do you forsake me?

May 14, 2007
Rudy Giuliani Won't Challenge Pope on Abortion-Communion Comments
Washington, DC ( -- Rudy Giuliani is pro-abortion but he won't challenge the Pope on comments the Catholic leader make last week saying that politicians who favor abortion shouldn't take communion and have excommunicated themselves from the church. The former mayor said last week that his differences with the Catholic Church over his support for abortion are between him, God and his spiritual adviser, not Pope Benedict XVI. He sought to avoid a head-on confrontation with the pontiff over the issue that has bedeviled Giuliani's campaign. "I don't get into debates with the pope," Giuliani told reporters. "Issues like that for me are between me and my confessor. ... I'm a Catholic and that's the way I resolve those issues, personally and privately," he said. "That's what religion is all about -- it's something that's between you and your conscience and God and then whoever your spiritual advisers are." The Giuliani campaign Wednesday night deflected questions about Giuliani's spiritual advisers and whether he takes Communion -- saying, as the mayor did, that those are private issues. Giuliani took a different approach in 1996, when he criticized Pope John Paul II for attacking then-President Bill Clinton's decision to veto a ban on late-term abortion. Giuliani said the pope's "direct involvement in politics is not a good idea, because I think it confuses people." Until now, Giuliani has not faced the religious questions that hung over Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry, also a Catholic, in 2004. Some American bishops said they would withhold Communion from Kerry because he supported abortion.

Religion is how people relate to God. However, when you choose a religion in particular you pick its rules. Kind of like Education. Education is how you access knowledge but when you pick a High School or a philosophy you pick its rules to play by. Rudy standing up like this and saying I am not going to discuss with the person who makes the decision in the religion I "choose" is his way of arguing with the Pope. I could insert my full commentary and diatribe about how I would fly to the U.S. and have a personal meeting with Rudy and then excommunicate him if he refused to have a press conference with me explaining the error of his ways afterwards but again that is the "un-pastoral" and impetuous part of me speaking. I am actually glad I am not the Pope having to discern what the best way to go is.

Under the Mercy.
Matthew S

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