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Friday, June 3, 2011

Why I like command lines

I like to use command line based or DFE (Distraction Free Editors) for most of the writing that I am doing and I am doing lots of it lately.  Actually, I have really love to just start writing without editing with a good old fashion paper and pen.  That seems to do a really good job of getting all of my ideas out.  This is something that can be a problem for me, getting all of my ideas out.  At times I have so many things that I want to do that if I spend time editing as I go (big tendency in Microsoft Word) then I end up dropping points I was meaning to make.

If you want to stick with something straightforward and basic in a Windows environment, I really like Sublime text.  It's a slick little interface that you can use for lots of different things, it's not free but you can download and evaluate it for free but then you have to purchase a user license.  I was really thinking about going ahead and using this but then I fell in love with another editor.

I use Org-Mode in Emacs to do lots of my editing and organizing.  It also lets me keep track of calendar items, clock time spent on projects, TODO lists, blog and do a million other things but it also lets me do hiearchy based outlines for text editing and everythingg is kept in a text format so I can open it up on about any text editor and the files are really small.  

For the VIM fans of the world they do have a VIM port of Org-Mode you can play with.  

I really like the interface for keeping track of my stuff and not getting distracted by the millions of other distractions that the computer screen can represent when you can click over to the other things.  However, a slick web-based one that looks great in full screen is Big Huge Labs Writer.  I might have to try that one sometime soon, it looks pretty for just good ol' fashion text work.

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