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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Holy Resignation

No, this isn't enshrining McCain's concession speech.  This is something I have struggled with hard over the past 24 hours.  How do I face the next four years and all of the bad things that COULD happen.  I realized I wasn't dealing with what was happening.  I also wasn't keeping my mission in mind. 

Long story short, we are here about souls.  Check out the CatholicUnderground Life is Still Worth Living Podcast on Holy Resignation.

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the Mom said...

When asked about my feelings on the election I say, "I just think it's really tragic that his grandmother died the day before he was elected." and leave it at that. I have decided to pray for her soul every time someone holds up his victory to me as something I should be depressed by. (I have many liberal relatives who like to throw it in my face.)