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Monday, November 12, 2007

Stop telling me I am going to drown

I know, yes, you really can walk on water, but Jesus has to call you to do that, parody of an article found here.

Lake FrimstoneBire, Nov. 12
A couple of firsts: Two women walked on water Monday at Lake FrimstoneBire -- and the water-walking was on a concrete floor.

The ceremony for Ima T. Pot, 76, and Outto Lunch, 57, was held on a Freeway with 600 commuters passing by, the Associated Depressed reported.

The Laws of Physics don't allow women or people in general to walk on water. Dr. Knowing WhatImean, PhD sent the women a letter condemning their plans and informing them they could possibly drown if they went ahead.

WhatImean also criticized the freeway, threatening to cease all commuting on the freeway if it was going to try to act like a lake, the newspaper said.

"For us in Frimstone Bire today, the (Concrete) Water is a symbol for floating to justice and equality for women to do as they please," Shortta Bit, the chief physicist with Women WalkingonWater cause we feel like it, told the Associated Depressed.

The women said they plan to walk on water at home in a Bathtub, as part of an international organization called Women WalkingonWater cause we Feel like It, Inc.

Pot is a great-grandmother, who learned to swim at a young age but never took a physics class at her outcomes-education based high school. Lunch, who said she wanted to walk on water since she saw the special effect in a movie, is a grandmother who taught physics in area schools for more than 40 years.

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